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Amazon Echo Buds

With shockingly incredible bass, a moderately agreeable fit, and a mid-level value, the Amazon Echo Buds offer outstanding amongst other all-around values for genuinely remote earbuds that we've found. By and large, these buds don't fall too a long ways behind the top-level remote models, and offer an immense advance up in execution from the clearance room passage available, just at some cost that feels more tasteful than one may anticipate. In case you're searching for the opportunity of really remote earbuds yet would prefer not to pay a tremendous premium to get it, the Echo Buds are an extraordinary alternative. In addition, in the event that you as of now use Alexa to arrange a lot of your life, these buds offer consistent coordination with that framework. Actually our lone second thought with these buds is that a portion of our analyzers thought that it was elusive a protected enough fit for use while turning out, however others cherished them as exercise center friends.

Pros Good sound quality, dynamic commotion decrease, agreeable, generally inexpensive Great sound quality, secure fit, extraordinary for working out Good sound quality, dynamic clamor wiping out, incredible client interface Good sound quality, secure athletic fit, long battery life Good sound quality, useful for turning out, low profile structure, moderately reasonable

Cons Some may think that its difficult to get a safe, physically slanted fit Expensive, moderately short battery life Expensive, Android clients lose a significant number of the one of a kind features Can be awkward when worn for 2+ hours, generally huge charging case May not fit enormous ears well

Base Line Offers nearly all that you could need from genuinely remote buds for far not exactly most competitors The best sounding and most agreeable buds we've found for working out For Apple clients that are happy to pay a premium for incredible sound and flexibility, these are an extraordinary choice Excellent for athletic undertakings, yet can be awkward when worn for long periods A smooth bundle that offers very good quality execution at a mid range cost

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Amazon Echo Buds offer great sound quality, an agreeable fit, and some helpful highlights at an equivalently sensible cost. For whatever length of time that you're not searching for buds that can face the most extraordinary of exercises, we think they are an incredible worth in the event that you need the opportunity of genuinely remote earbuds.

Execution Comparison

Sound Quality

The Echo Buds can once in a while battle a piece with lucidity, however ground their sound with profound bass and a hearty completion that can frequently misrepresent the way that you're tuning in to earbuds and not over-ear earphones.

What most dazzled us in tuning in to the Echo Buds was their bass (sidenote: we feel these buds are at their best with the bass wrenched up). The low end stayed resounding and profound yet clear regardless of what sort of music we tossed at it. The twangy strings of a phenomenal bass held their rambunctious, legato properties, while machined steady rhythms stayed punchy and sharp. That low end likewise balanced most game plans well, making an a lot more full stable than we'd by and large anticipate from earbuds, it doesn't mind earbuds in this value extend.

The greatest feeble purpose of these buds' sound is the lucidity. The clearness isn't awful using any and all means — we had the option to completely appreciate tuning in to acoustic numbers and web recordings with these buds. Nonetheless, some higher notes would in general incline toward a fluffy quality, which some of the time detracted from the totality of the sound that we delighted in to such an extent.

Dynamic Noise Reduction

These buds consolidate a functioning clamor decrease (ANR) innovation from Bose. As the name would recommend, we found that this innovation doesn't shut out the entirety of the surrounding clamor. Anyway it, related to the tight seal gave by the elastic eartips, allowed us to appreciate music in a jam-packed bistro without expecting to wrench the volume up excessively high. We've absolutely experienced better clamor undoing in different earbuds, yet we do feel this innovation ups the handiness of the Echo Buds a calculable sum. On the off chance that you have to hear your general surroundings, you can likewise enter passthrough mode, which utilizes the amplifiers outwardly of the buds to pipe encompassing sounds into your ears. You can modify the settings for both of these modes in the Alexa application.

The Fit Test

The Echo Buds (related to the Alexa App) can run a fit test to check whether your picked earpieces are making a decent seal in your ears. They do this by playing tones in your ears and utilizing the outer amplifiers to detect if any of those tones are advancing into the outside world. The greater part of our analyzers found that they could tell without anyone else when the earpieces were making a decent seal and when they weren't, making the to some degree repetitive. Be that as it may, a few analyzers were astounded when a specific earpiece bombed the fit test, and encountered an expansion in sound quality when changing to the sizes proposed by the test.


Our experience utilizing the Echo Buds commonly felt consistent, with just a couple of minor objections springing up.

Setting up the Echo Buds by means of the Alexa App is very simple, and took us well not exactly a moment. You can likewise bypass the Alexa App and pair these buds customarily through the Bluetooth settings on your telephone. In any case, doing so loses loads of usefulness, such as redoing the controls, changing the EQ, different settings for the clamor decrease and straightforwardness modes, and obviously, Alexa voice control.

Utilizing Alexa with these buds felt very characteristic. In case you're accustomed to utilizing an Alexa empowered gadget in your home or vehicle, these buds permit most by far of that usefulness to go with you (counting the Jeopardy game, our undisputed top choice component).

Our one significant objection with the ease of use of these buds emerges with the touch controls. These controls are towards the rear of the buds, despite the fact that you sort of anticipate that them should be in the inside. This frequently prompted some befuddled tapping before we really got the bud to tune in to our directions. The long press direction was likewise somewhat finicky for us, regularly necessitating that we pushed so hard that the buds creeped further into our ears before the order enlisted. When it's all said and done we saw these inconveniences as moderately minor, particularly since you can for the most part use Alexa voice directions or whip your telephone out of your pocket on the off chance that you would prefer not to manage the on-bud controls. Additionally, you can program the catches and motions (twofold tap, long press) to do whatever you'd like, so you can simply allocate your most utilized capacity to the signal you find generally solid.


In-ear solace can be a dubious thing with regards to earbuds, and particularly so with really remote earbuds. Notwithstanding, the Echo Buds did a serious great job exploring our fit tests, enabling the entirety of our analyzers to locate a fit that they felt was subtle over different hours with the buds in their ears.

The Echo Buds achieve this by offering 3 unique sizes of the two earpieces and ear blades. This large number of alternatives, in our experience, enables the vast majority to locate an agreeable fit. A few analyzers complained of a touch of weight in their ears while wearing these buds, however that slight weight is practically decent with regards to elastic tipped earbuds, and whether that feeling is irritating generally boils down to individual inclination.

The greater part of our analyzers had the option to locate an agreeable fit however some saw these buds as a piece unreasonably unreliable for working out.

The vast majority of our analyzers had the option to locate an agreeable fit, however some saw these buds as a piece unreasonably uncertain for working out.

Athletic Performance

While we found that a great many people can locate an agreeable fit with the Echo Buds, in our experience getting a protected fit can be more all in or all out. For instance, all it took for one of our analyzers to thump one of these buds free was some energetic hotcake hitter blending, while others revealed going on sweat-soaked runs without any issues.

By and large, a greater amount of our analyzers found these buds to fit safely, and hence deserving of exercises, than didn't. Moreover, even those that found the fit not exactly verify still felt they'd have no issue utilizing the buds in a rec center setting where one dropping out wouldn't be disastrous.

The Echo Buds are IPX4 water safe, which means they ought to effortlessly rise up to perspiration with no evil impacts, and there are even [rumors that Amazon could be including exercise following capacities.

Battery Life

With dynamic commotion decrease turned on, we got 5.25 long stretches of playback from a solitary charge on the Echo Buds. The case commonly included another 3 or so charges, giving an aggregate of more than 20 hours of non-constant playback before requiring an outlet.


While the charging case for the Echo Buds absolutely isn't the littlest we've seen, it's not the biggest either. It is likewise streamlined and feels genuinely subtle when stuffed into a pocket. Truth be told, some may welcome the independent idea of the case more than the a lot littler yet regularly tangled chaos of fastened earbuds.


With regards to really remote earbuds, the Amazon Echo Buds offer probably the best worth per dollar that we've at any point seen. You can spend less on genuinely remote buds, however they will most likely be a gigantic advance down in quality. You can likewise spend more and improve by and large execution, yet you'll likely need to pay a gigantic premium. For some individuals we think the Echo Buds will hit that sweet spot, where they perform all around ok to be pleasant, ordinary sidekicks, yet in addition aren't excessively inconvenient to your financial balance.


The Amazon Echo Buds offer a considerable amount of execution given their value, making them both an incredible worth and an extraordinary decision for those looking for really remote earbuds.


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