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Best Lightweight Strollers

Does your present buggy gauge you done? Perhaps it's the ideal opportunity for another one. Children love a fun escape, yet it shouldn't approach an intense time for you. We have made considerable progress with infant buggies and for the most part infant transport, and now there are even lightweight alternatives.

Finding the ideal, lightweight carriage empowers you to bring it along to the recreation center, take as portable gear, just as make it simpler to move through town. On the off chance that this is the sort of comfort you are looking for, a lightweight carriage is the thing that you have to get. It will offer you a large number of indistinguishable highlights from a customary pushchair yet at a large portion of the weight (or even less).

While the market offers numerous carriages for your little one not every one of them are of a similar quality and notoriety. Today, we take a gander at the best lightweight carriages you ought to consider in 2019 just as a portion of the highlights and factors you have to have as a top priority before plunging into the buy.

Highlights to Consider in Good Lightweight Strollers

Security highlights

It is basic to guarantee the buggy highlights a seat strap that will prevent your little one from falling or slipping from the seat. It ought to likewise have a stopping brake to ward the carriage from moving off when you are not pushing it. The brakes ought to be anything but difficult to start. A JPMA ensured unit will add to your certainty with respect to your child's wellbeing. Another element to consider is a look a-boo window so you can watch your little one all through the ride.


Think about a buggy with huge wheels for improved soundness. The wheels should highlight a magnificent suspension to offer smooth and agreeable rides to your little one. Settle on air-filled and froth filled tires instead of plastic tires to guarantee smoother rides consistently.

Swivel-wheels will make it simple for you to move the buggy around tight spaces. Consider a carriage that enables you to bolt the turning wheels when on uneven territories to improve strength.

Leaning back seat

A decent carriage should highlight a leaning back seat for your infant's solace. Think of one as that tilts in excess of 150 degrees back on the off chance that you need to utilize it on an infant. Guarantee that it leans back easily in any event, when your little one is on it. Moreover, the seat ought to be very much cushioned to give your kid comfort during day trips.


An overhang will shield your child's fragile skin from the sun. Consider a flexible one with a sun visor for most extreme inclusion. Keep away from Velcro terminations since they are loud and will upset your infant's rest. It will likewise be a great idea to get one that is removable for simple cleaning. Another accomplice to consider is a downpour spread which ought to be wind-confirmation to guarantee your child is all around shielded from the unforgiving climate.


Consider a lightweight buggy that is made of a top notch edge and intense texture to guarantee it will serve your little one until they exceed it. Aluminum is a well known decision for lightweight carriages since it offers a blend of strength and little included weight.


You will be taking the buggy with you during your open air excursions and you don't need whatever will give you trouble over the time of transportation. Therefore, an advantageous buggy ought to enable you to overlap and stow away while holding your infant then again. The buggy should likewise self-stand once collapsed for simplicity of capacity.

Top 10 Best Lightweight Strollers 2019

1.Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

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Why we like it: The Summer Infant 3D Lite buggy highlights a solid development that offers a strong carriage given its reasonable cost. It is lightweight, folds effortlessly, and incorporates a conveying lash making it advantageous for in a hurry guardians. Its seat leans back effortlessly and accompanies a 5-point outfit for security. It has a movable overhang and an adequate extra room.

Editorial manager's Rating:


The Summer Infant 3D Lite buggy highlights a durable yet lightweight casing that will ensure long periods of administration without hauling you down. Take it with you on the tram or to the air terminal gratitude to the included convey handle. The buggy holds a most extreme load of 50 lbs. making it ideal for multi year olds.

Its seat leans back effortlessly and tilts back to a practically level position so you can change your little one's diaper or let them rest. There is additionally the capacity to tilt the seat up so your child or little girl may watch their environment. Its bridle acclimates to three diverse tallness positions meaning it will develop with your kid. You won't need to stress over your infant's solace when utilizing the tackle because of the included cushioning.


The sun will avoid your infant's delicate skin on account of the included extendable overhang. Haul out the sun visor during extra bright days for included inclusion. Its sans lead development enables you to utilize the carriage on your little one certainly. The front wheels are stun spongy and convey smooth rides any place you travel. Your youngster will be securely verified to the seat during your trips because of the 5-point outfit.

Additional items

The buggy is sold with a liberal extra room where you can convey your tremendous diaper packs and every one of the things you will require when out on the town. It additionally has a pocket on its back where you can store your keys and telephone for simple access. The cup holder shows the chance to have your infant's container or your drink inside an arm's compass.


The Summer Infant 3D Lite buggy has a customizable shelter with a sun visor making it reasonable for warm conditions. The stun safe front wheels guarantee smooth rides on rough walkway along these lines extraordinary for getting town things done. It is lightweight (13 lbs.), folds effortlessly, and has a convey lash. Generally speaking, it is the finished bundle regarding a high caliber yet moderate lightweight carriage.


Offers advantageous insurance on hot days

Lightweight and versatile

Offers various leans back and a practically level position

Has a liberal measure of extra room

Highlights a movable and cushioned 5-point bridle


Doesn't self-stand when collapsed Pockit Lightweight Stroller

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Why we like it: The gb Pockit buggy highlights a 2-advance collapsing structure and weighs 9.5 pounds which makes it one of the most minimized and lightweight carriages available. It is made of value materials to offer you a strong buggy. It accompanies cushioned handlebars and is anything but difficult to push and move. Its front-swivel wheels are lockable, and highlights foot-worked brakes.

Supervisor's Rating:


The gb Pockit carriage offers you an excessively reduced buggy that you will adore. Truth be told, it is the world's most minimized buggy as indicated by Guinness World Records. You can undoubtedly crease it in 2-snappy advances, and it weighs 9.5 lbs. Albeit little, it is a tough carriage on account of its development and it can hold an absolute load of 66 lbs. without breaking.

It stows away issue free in your vehicle or on the overhead compartments of planes and prepares so you won't need to stress over it turning into an irritation during expanded travel. The carriage is anything but difficult to push and move. Its handlebars accompany cushioning to offer an agreeable hold when pushing. The carriage is delivered completely gathered.


The carriage incorporates a bridle framework with delicate cushioning to keep your little one both protected and agreeable constantly. The seat strap is movable and enables you to accomplish the best fit for your youngster, which means it will develop with them. Its front wheels swivel and can be bolted when on rough territories so as to give smooth rides. The back wheels have a stopping brake that you can without much of a stretch start with your foot.

Additional items

The gb Pockit buggy has an overhang to shield your little one from the sun keeping them happy with during day trips. You can without much of a stretch change from pushing to conveying it once collapsed, making it your ideal voyaging friend. The carriage is sold with a large stockpiling bushel that can hold up to 11 lbs. offering a lot of extra room.


The gb Pockit carriage is amazingly smaller when collapsed and is additionally lightweight. We like that it enables you to change from pushing it to conveying it bother free which makes it perfect for ordinary use. It is seemingly the best lightweight carriage available.


Highlights a flexible outfit framework that accompanies paddings on the shoulder and groin

Very reduced and lightweight

Its front wheels swivel 360 degrees

Collects effortlessly


We wish it had a greater covering

3.Delta Children – The Clutch Stroller

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Why we like it: Delta Children has assembled a great structure with The Clutch lightweight buggy. It is reduced like the remainder of the buggies on this rundown, yet having the included travel pack that can fit in overhead plane gear makes it simply substantially more smooth and inventive.

Supervisor's Rating:


The Delta Children Clutch Lightweight carriage is a great, adaptable unit for offspring of different sizes. It underpins kids up to 50 lbs. however with a load of only 12 lbs. it is incredibly simple to pull around. The carriage folds up to little measurements and fits inside an included travel pack which is a pleasant extravagance. The huge 5.5 inch wheels swivel in the front with worked in suspension for a smooth pushing experience.


The carriage ensures wellbeing in various aspects. The 5 point security saddle keeps offspring of different sizes set up and decreases your pressure on the off chance that you are immediately diverted. It highlights intelligent cushions around the buggy so as to make it truly recognizable and clear in the early morning or late night hours. The unit is additionally JPMA guaranteed the most noteworthy respect inside the business. Also, the buggy fulfills CPSC guidelines.

Additional items

The Clutch buggy from Delta Children includes a capacity holder for infant fundamentals and different things you have to pull around for the afternoon. There are likewise little pockets for individual things, for example, a telephone or keys. The buy incorporates a movement pack which the buggy will fit into helpfully once collapsed.


The Delta Children Lightweight Clutch buggy has gotten acknowledgment from a few unmistakable distributions and outsider affirmation programs. So you can promise you are getting a lightweight buggy, yet in addition one of the more reliable and most secure available. It is truly outstanding near.


Lightweight and simple to move

Folds to conservative shape and fits in movement pack

Suits an assortment of sizes of youngsters (up to 50 lbs.)

Flexible for city use, at the recreation center, on the transport, or even a plane

Intelligent material assists traffic with getting the buggy when its dim


The buggy doesn't stand upstanding all alone when collapsed

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4.Graco Verb Travel System Stroller

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Why we like it: The Graco Verb Travel System buggy accompanies extraordinary compared to other baby vehicle seat. The baby vehicle seats associate effectively and securely to the buggy. It highlights suspension on its wheels that give smooth rides on an assortment of landscapes. It is anything but difficult to overlap and furthermore offers a lockable front-swivel wheel.

Supervisor's Rating:


Graco places in extraordinary exertion to guarantee you get the best from this movement framework without bargaining its daintiness. In the first place, the producer incorporated the Graco Snug Ride Click Connect Infant vehicle seat (which is among the top of the line newborn child seats) as a choice. You will likewise value that you can utilize most vehicle newborn child seats from Graco and different makers on the buggy.

The carriage makes it simple for you to control it and move the road and corners on account of the front swivel wheels. It overlays rapidly with one hand upgrading capacity and transportation. The carriage additionally self-stands when collapsed. You won't require apparatuses to assemble it for brisk gathering.


The carriage highlights Click Connect innovation which offers a fast yet secure connection of the newborn child vehicle seat to the buggy. You hear a noisy snap that alarms you when it is securely introduced. The suspension on its wheel empowers your youngster to appreciate smooth and agreeable rides on various territories. Its front-swivel wheels can be bolted to guarantee consistent rides on tough scenes.

The newborn child vehicle seat allows your kid to child while confronting you so you can generally watch out for them. The carriage has an overhang with windows that enables you to watch your little one while by walking. Its foot worked slowing mechanism is an excellent wellbeing highlight.

Additional items

The Graco Verb Travel System carriage incorporates a conveying tie and weighs around 20 lbs. so you can undoubtedly take it in a hurry. You will cherish the plate with cup holders for both you and your youngster. The huge stockpiling container will prove to be useful when you need an additional hand. It has a covering to shield your kid from the sun. You will likewise value its smooth structure that will get the jealousy of different guardians.


The movement framework from Graco settles on an incredible decision in the event that you are searching for a lightweight carriage for babies. What is far better is the buggy is reasonable and has an amazingly decent notoriety. We likewise like that it self-stands when collapsed and incorporates a conveying tie.


Snap Connect to your favored vehicle seat

Worked with all-wheel suspension and lockable front swivel wheels

Highlights an enormous stockpiling bin

Simple to clean

Easy to amass


Collapsing instrument is shaky contrasted with certain brands

5.Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

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Why we like it: The Mountain Buggy Nano carriage is perfect with a baby vehicle seat. It is reduced and bolsters a load of up to 44 lbs. It folds easily just as accompanies a shoulder tie and a conveying sack. The seat leans back for additional solace, and its wheels are too thin to offer astounding mobility. The buggy has a sun shade just as an overlay texture that you can use to shield your youngster throughout the winter.

Editorial manager's Rating:


The Mountain Buggy Nano carriage is versatile to a newborn child vehicle seat so as to enable you to convey your little one from the vehicle to the pushchair without upsetting their rest. Moreover, you can buy the discretionary carrycot on the off chance that you need to utilize the buggy for babies. The lightweight buggy highlights a minimal plan when collapsed to enable you to move it or store easily. It folds tranquil, accompanies a conveying sack, and incorporates a shoulder tie so you won't need to stress over bringing it along on day trips.


The lightweight carriage from Mountain Buggy highlights suspension on its back wheel that ensures agreeable rides for your infant any place you go. The 6-inch wheels additionally guarantee nice rides. The unit has a simple to utilize stopping mechanism that gives extra security to your little one.

Additional items

The Mountain Buggy Nano carriage makes a magnificent lightweight buggy that will withstand all seasons. It has a sun shelter and a visor to offer greatest inclusion to your infant during sweltering seasons. The pushchair additionally accompanies a covering texture that you can use on the carriage seat when leaned back to secure your youngster throughout the winter. The Mountain Buggy Nano is additionally sold in six diverse shading alternatives.


On the off chance that you are searching for a lightweight carriage that can suit most newborn child vehicle situates, the Mountain Buggy Nano is a popular choice. The buggy enables you to go with your infant in their vehicle seat easily without buying extra connectors. It is lightweight, includes a conservative plan, and accompanies a conveying sack.


Lightweight and smaller

Folds effortlessly

Simple to move

Simple to ship with collapsing instrument

Tough edge


We wish it had a more profound lean back

6.Maclaren Twin Triumph

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Why we like it: TThe Maclaren Twin Triumph weighs 21.2 lbs. which is really noteworthy thinking of it as can oblige not one but rather two infants. The couple buggy can bolster a load of up to 110 lbs. so you can be certain it will easily bolster your twins. Its seat offers various lean back positions and highlights an ottoman to guarantee your kid's solace consistently. It has a shelter with a sun visor and a breeze safe downpour spread. We additionally like the all-wheel suspension for smooth rides.

Editorial manager's Rating:


Attempting to discover a buggy that will assist you with investigating the outside with your twins while not overloading you? The Maclaren Twin triumph carriage will bolster more than 100 pounds but then is still extremely lightweight for a pair buggy.

You can decide to let your infants sit up and appreciate the view or let them rest because of the numerous lean back positions offered on the seat. The unit likewise has a pad for leg backing to improve your little ones' solace at whatever point you are out investigating.


The Maclaren Twins Triumph includes a 5-point outfit on each seat so you can make certain of your children security consistently. Every one of its wheels have a suspension to offer your kid smooth rides on most surfaces. It has simple to utilize foot-brakes which make a perceptible sound when verified for expanded security. Despite the fact that it doesn't have look a-boo windows, the board zippers on the shelters guarantee a free progression of air and perceivability.

Additional items

You will like the top notch wind-verification downpour spread that shields your kid from the cruelty of climate. The UPF 50+ shade is extendable and can be worked autonomously to offer full inclusion to your children. The sun shelter is likewise waterproof and has a sun visor for more security. The included stockpiling will offer you an additional hand any place you go. Everyone's eyes will be on you while getting things done gratitude to the classy structure of the buggy.


On the off chance that you are searching for a quality twofold carriage to use during fast tasks or to bring on long-separation trips, the Maclaren Twins Triumph is your most solid option. It has an amazing weight limit and is likewise lightweight to enable you to tote your infants around without its weight hauling you down. It functions admirably for twins, yet additionally kids that are around the equivalent in age and size.

SIDE NOTE: If you would incline toward only a solitary transporter, Maclaren includes essentially a similar buggy yet with just one seat contrasted with two.


Accompanies a tremendous sun shade and visor on each seat

Each seat includes a 5-point saddle

Offers different lean back positions

Incorporates a quality breeze verification downpour spread

All-wheel suspension


It is bulkier contrasted with other lightweight carriages, however this is normal given it is a twofold buggy

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7.2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller

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Why we like it: The 2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE buggy has a flexible 5-point tackle that guarantees your little one's wellbeing consistently. It creases rapidly and accompanies a shoulder tie to make it simple for you to convey it. The pushchair has a huge stockpiling bin and a simple to arrive at capacity pocket for your fundamentals. We like the enormous shelter with an extendable sun visor. 


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