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Exclusive Audi Avant 2020

Current wagons have confronted a difficult task to catch the hearts and brains of American purchasers, and that goes twofold for elite models. Simply solicit Dodge, who manufactured less instances of the Magnum SRT8 in its last year than Ferrari created of the $700,000 Enzo supercar, or Cadillac, whose CTS-V wagon didn't last in excess of an age regardless of the way that it delighted in close all inclusive commendation.
2020 Audi RS 6 Avant

With the ongoing movement in American customer tastes from traveler autos for high-riding hybrids and SUVs, Audi most likely isn't expecting an enormous benefit from their choice to bring the all-new, fourth era RS 6 Avant toward the North American market without precedent for its eighteen-year history. In any case, aficionados will in general be a vocal bundle, and tending to their requests can be viewed as a long haul venture.

"We can't remark on the volumes," Audi's executive of interchanges, Mark Dahncke, let us know with respect to the quantity of RS 6 Avants they intend to bring to North America. "In any case, I will say that in my time with Audi, I've never had more individuals get in touch with me about a vehicle. Individuals have been imploring us to bring this over for some time."

Quick wagons have consistently had a solid faction following, and throughout the years the RS 6 Avant has filled in as an incredible case of why. It's a logical decision that isn't exhausting, it offers execution ability without the problems of a games vehicle, and quick wagons will in general have more character than their games car counterparts.

In any case, does the all-new RS 6 Avant proceed with that custom, or has something been lost in its adventure over the lake? We made a beeline for Malibu, California to discover.

All around

Some portion of the charm of a quick wagon is frequently attached to the sleeper vibe – for some, tidying the ostentatious roadster in the following path with a vehicle that looks reason worked for schlepping children to soccer practice has a specific intrigue to it. It's something that past cycles of RS 6 Avant have exemplified, however with the fourth era vehicle, Audi needed to adopt an alternate strategy.

"The A6 Avant and RS 6 Avant share only three body parts – the front entryways, the rooftop, and the rear end," says Audi outside planner Andreas Joachim Koglin. "Our point was to move the structure nearer to supercars like the R8, or even a Lamborghini."

2020 Audi RS 6 Avant malibu

Indeed, even initially, clearly the RS 6 Avant is no run of the mill family hauler. Riding on discretionary 22-inch wheels (21s are standard) with a dug in position, expanding air admissions, and swelling bumpers that broaden the vehicle's general width by 3.1 inches, the RS 6 Avant looks irrefutably threatening. Despite the fact that is anything but a huge takeoff from the stylish of its RS 7 stablemate, the Avant's structure looks like to a greater degree a total idea than its four-entryway partner, yet it relinquishes nothing as far as style.

Inside, the vehicle's presentation yearnings are clarified by the level bottomed controlling haggle explicit front seats, however generally it's an increasingly downplayed methodology when contrasted with the outside. The top notch materials and switchgear show a reasonable gesture toward the extravagance part of the RS 6 Avant's crucial, the structure features the automaker's present propensity for uncluttered moderation.

2020 Audi RS 6 Avant inside

About without catches, the inside stack is commanded by the two touchscreens that include Audi's most recent MMI interface, with the upper 10.1-inch show taking care of infotainment obligations while the 8.6-inch unit beneath it principally controls the HVAC framework. Audi's Virtual Cockpit is available too, a 12.3-inch configurable showcase behind the directing wheel which offers customary instrument readouts just as execution information, route guidelines, and other continuous data.

The back seat offers a 40:20:40 split, and there's 20 cubic-feet of extra room behind it. Overlap the back seat of the RS 6 Avant down and that limit extends out to a hybrid like 59.3 cu-ft.

While we realize that Audi has a few key parts of the stupendous visiting some portion of the condition secured, all the solid extents and Alcantara wouldn't be worth a lot if the RS 6 Avant didn't have the mechanical equipment to back it up. In like manner, Audi dropped a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter TFSI V8 into the motor narrows that is useful for 591 strength and 590 pound-feet of torque.

It's unmistakably an exhibition arranged powertrain, however Audi additionally mulled over productivity here: A 48-volt mellow crossover framework is prepared too, which takes into account low-speed electric activity in specific situations, alongside chamber on request innovation that can kill chambers 2, 3, 5 and 8 under low-load driving circumstances in higher riggings to additionally diminish the RS 6 Avant's hunger for fuel.

Apparatus changes are dispatched by an eight-speed programmed, and the snort is sent to each of the four corners through Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive framework, an arrangement which can be additionally improved with a discretionary game differential that comes as a major aspect of the Dynamic Plus bundle.

2020 Audi RS 6 Avant transmission

The vehicle rides on sport-tuned air suspension as standard, while Dynamic Ride Control is discretionary. The last is a steel spring arrangement that using pressurized water joins three-way customizable dampers together in slantingly restricted sets, and a focal valve framework sends the water driven weight where it needs to go inside the framework to moderate body roll and pitch – a methodology that is like what you'd find in a McLaren 720S.

Halting force is given by gigantic ten-cylinder calipers in advance, which clip down on 16.5-inch steel rotors. Discretionary fired rotors (likewise part of the Dynamic Plus bundle) stretch the front rotor distance across to 17.3 inches, and together with the 14.6-inch carbon fired plates in the back, give a robust unsprung weight reserve funds of 75 pounds versus the standard framework.

In the driver's seat

Our drive pointed us into the Malibu Hills by method for the Pacific Coast Highway, a course which would enable us to encounter the RS 6 Avant under ordinary conditions and put the Audi through a lot of hardship on probably the most requesting streets in the western United States.

While the supported V8 springs up with the bark of a muscle vehicle, our analyzers were furnished with European-spec exhaust frameworks that immediately quieted the procedures. Audi guaranteed us that vehicles headed for North America will get North America-explicit fumes tuning, which should make the soundtrack perceptibly livelier in such manner.

2020 Audi RS 6 Avant motor

With the drive mode set to Comfort, an all-inclusive side trip down PCH uncovered a shockingly agreeable ride in spite of the 22-inch rollers furnished to all the test autos. In this casual setting the motor and gearbox are quieted and centered around proficiency, rapidly finding their way into the upper apparatuses to keep the fires up low.

Beside incidental grabbiness from the huge carbon fired plugs close to the highest point of the pedal, the general experience isn't not normal for an average, well-selected Audi, however the murmur of that bounced up V8 is an unpretentious token of the brutality that can be called by your correct foot at some random minute.

With all-wheel-drive and pinnacle torque accessible from a little more than 2000 RPM, the RS 6 Avant pulls with merciless authority from any non-felonious pace, yet notwithstanding its close to 4600-pound check weight, it's not only a straight-line entertainer – this thing can move.

A huge piece of RS 6 Avant's taking care of ability must be credited to the back hub controlling, which is discretionary on European-spec autos yet will be standard on all models made a beeline for North America. By turning the back wheels the other way of the fronts at lower speeds, it successfully lessens the vehicle's wheelbase in tight corners, enabling it to alter course with an astounding degree of eagerness. At higher velocities, the back wheels turn in stage with the fronts to improve steadiness.

2020 Audi RS 6 Avant freight

The discretionary game differential prepared to the entirety of the test autos likewise merits some commendation. Contrasted with other late RS models we've tried, this framework improved (and less diverting) occupation of moving force between the wheels when required.

On twistier, increasingly specialized streets like Latigo Canyon and Mulholland, we really favored the standard air suspension over the more solidly tuned DRC framework, as the extra consistence meant more prominent solidness at those paces. Nonetheless, it's not hard to envision that selecting DRC would deliver profits on street courses and quicker stretches of landing area.

Our Take

The 2020 Audi RS 6 Avant left us with next to no to whine about, in all honesty. Some may lean toward Mercedes-AMG's present quick wagon offering in the U.S., the E63 S – it's somewhat rowdier and increasingly passionate when all is said in done, however we can't resist the urge to think about whether the two will be in nearer equality once Audi outfits their U.S.- spec exhaust framework to RS 6 Avants headed for the states.

2020 Audi RS 6 Avant infotainment

Like the Audi, the E63S is incredibly quick and a dexterous handler for its size – and the AMG presumably has the edge over the RS 6 of every a straight line – however your creator lean towards the Audi's styling and tech suite over the AMG's.

Estimating for the RS 6 Avant hasn't been reported at this point, yet we anticipate that it should be like the RS 7.

How DT would design this vehicle

To augment the evil look of the RS 6 Avant, we'd pick the discretionary matte dark with matte aluminum complements, alongside the 22-inch five-talked trapezoid configuration wheels completed in titanium.

Inside, we'd settle on punctured Valcona cowhide seating, Bang and Olufsen premium sound, and the RS Design bundle, which includes Alcantara-wrapped surfaces and difference sewing.

Regarding execution equipment, the Dynamic Plus bundle – which incorporates the previously mentioned game differential, carbon earthenware brakes, and stretches out the top speed to 190 mph – is an absolute necessity, similar to the RS sport exhaust framework.

Would it be advisable for you to get one?

Indeed. In case you're a fan who is thinking about an extravagance execution hybrid, a games car, or a quick SUV, you deserve to get some seat time in a RS 6 Avant before diving in – you're probably going to be become a proselyte.


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